Virginia Painters LLC website
Created a company website for Virginia Painters using Adobe Illustrator and implementing design using Wix.
Magazine advertisement
Created a magazine ad for Juls Photography displayed in local publications using brand colors and style to represent photographer's creative style.
Motherhood in the Raw
Designed all branding elements, created and maintain website, and manage social media presence. Co-leader for the group, manage events and process payments.
HookCam Design Work
Updated the look of HookCam's documents, and designed other various documents to fit their brand style
2017 and 2019
Real Estate Listing Ads
Design Real Estate Listing advertisements for social media and print use for realtor, Alison McCabe
ACLU People Power
Logo design for ACLU's group, People Power, for use on their website and other promotional materials.
Mesopotamia Deli Website
Designed website for the restaurant, Mesopotamia Delicatessen
Logo Design - Alison McCabe
Logo design for Alison McCabe's real estate business.
JTCC Rack Card & Flyer
School project creating marketing materials for John Tyler Community College's Student Engagement department
2016, School Project
Anniversary Frame
Anniversary gift visually depicting the couple's place of meeting, engagement, and marriage.
VCUHS Northside Learning Center Newsletter
Monthly newsletter I designed, edited, and published for VCU Health Center's Northside Childcare Center in 2014. Redesigned in 2016 for School Project.
Infographic Magazine Spread
Magazine spread created illustrating an article written by Hannah Menchhoff.
2016, School Project
Suzanne Collins Redesign
Student Project redesign of Suzanne Collins' Website (
2016, School Project
Ginger Tea Package Redesign
Student Project: Package redesign of an instant ginger tea box.
2016, School Project
Gatefold Brochure
Student Project: Gatefold brochure made to advertise Short Pump Park and provide information about the areas within the park, along with reservations
2016, School Project
Tri-Fold Brochure
Tri-fold brochure advertising Honey Bump Maternity's business and features
2015, School Project
Bumper Sticker
Student Project: Bumper sticker supporting public breastfeeding
2016, School Project
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